CVS apologizes after a pharmacist refused to fill a transgender woman’s prescription


Hilde Hall, a transgender woman, says a CVS pharmacist refused to fill her hormone medication and loudly questioned her in front of other customers.

"I left my doctor's office elated", she wrote.

Hall said she called her doctor when she got home explaining the situation.

According to a blog post on the ACLU Arizona website, Hilde Hall of Fountain Hills went to her local CVS Pharmacy to get her hormone therapy prescription filled.

"I left the store feeling mortified", she wrote.

"CVS Health extends its honest apologies to Ms. Hall for her experience at our pharmacy in Fountain Hills, Arizona last spring", said Mike DeAngelis, Senior Director of Corporate Communications for CVS.

Hall added that the experience left him feeling "embarrassed and stressed" to the point where he nearly broke down crying in the store.

It was the first time she received a prescription for the hormone therapy.

"I felt like the pharmacist was trying to out me as transgender in front of strangers", Hall wrote.

She said she "froze" and tried to hold back her tears.

After she called her doctor's office to explain what happened, the office contacted the pharmacist, who continued to refuse to fill the prescription or explain why.

Hall said she has filed a complaint with the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy.

The statement said the pharmacist violated company policies and "does not reflect our values or our commitment to inclusion, non discrimination and the delivery of outstanding patient care".

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Hall gave the prescriptions to the pharmacist, but he refused to "fill one of the prescriptions needed to affirm my identity". The pharmacist still refused to fill the prescription without giving a reason.

The pharmacist allegedly refused to return the paper with the prescriptions. However, pharmacists are required under state law to inform the company "in advance about any religious convictions".

According to the ACLU, Hall said Friday that she had spoken with a CVS representative, who also apologized on behalf of the company, and appreciated the company for taking "her experience seriously".

The pharmacist violated company policies against denying patients access to medication prescribed by a physician based on a pharmacist's individual religious or moral beliefs, CVS Health spokesman Mike DeAngelis said Sunday.

"CVS Health extends its honest apologies to Ms. Hall for her experience at our pharmacy in Fountain Hills, Arizona last spring", the statement reads.

In April, the Trump administration said it planned to roll back a rule issued under former president Barack Obama that prevents doctors and hospitals from discriminating against transgender people.

DeAngelo added that CVS is making arrangements to speak with Hall.

We are very proud to have earned a flawless score on the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Corporate Equality Index for the past four consecutive years for our policies and practices related to LGBTQ equality.