Is the #InMyFeelings challenge worth jail time?


The social media challenge began after Pop singer Drake's song "In my feelings" from the album Scorpion released last month, and involved people stepping out of their auto and dancing alongside the moving vehicle.

One person said: 'Hahaha, I was laughing my a** off watching this video'.

The Uttar Pradesh police also shared a video showing what could happen if the challenge goes wrong.

Then it was singer Drake who sung a song with lyrics "Kiki, do you love me" in the song "In My Feelings"...

Azfar took to Instagram to post his version of the dance challenge, but like, son you really need a tutorial on it because...well...

Spain is just one of the countries being hit by the extended craze but there have already been incidents of auto passengers falling out of vehicles and smashing into lamp-posts because they are not looking where they are going.

The video was accompanied by a message which said, "Dear Parents, whether Kiki loves your child or not, we are sure you do!"

The video shows Jaylen Norwood, 22, dancing to Drake's song "In My Feelings" in the middle of a road in Boyton Beach.

"Jumping out of a moving auto and dancing alongside it in the middle of the road, obviously multiplies the risks involved in it".

Norwood claims he meant to jump onto the hood of the oncoming auto and continue dancing before he lost his footing.

Ahram Online is reporting that participating in the dance challenge in Egypt could land you in jail.

Mumbai: The Kiki challenge is fast becoming a rage among the youngsters. After that he went viral and everyone began trying to "Do the Shiggy".