Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green Made Peace After Altercation


The two National Basketball Association players reportedly got into a fistfight in a Los Angeles nightclub, just a month after Green's Golden State Warriors won another championship over Thompson's Cleveland Cavaliers in a finals series where they figured in on-court altercations. Draymond Green andTristan Thompson cooled off and actually dapped each other up after a heated altercation at an ESPYs after-party.

Not surprisingly, Green tabbed those reports as "inaccurate".

Green bad mouthed Thompson in comments throughout the series, and Draymond did not shake Thompson's hand after the Warriors' Game 4 victory.

The Golden State Warriors secured their second straight championship, and third in four seasons a few months ago by sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

Green and Thompson got into a minor scuffle in the final moments of Game 1 of the 2018 Finals. Some Cavs fans were reportedly planning a parade for Thompson after reports of the punch, so Green initially told the fans to cancel it. He even says something about the parade that Cavs fans scheduled on Facebook to honor Thompson for punching Green.

Green added that the reports didn't bother him, and that he was only saying something because his mother wanted him to set the record straight: "Lastly, I'm only telling y'all them facts are off because ma dukes was exhausted of y'all talking!"

'It was a sucker punch, ' said one source who attended the party. "It was more like a shove".

Another NBA Twitter account revealed that LeBron James and Kevin Durant were also there during the physical altercation and that they both had to step in to break up the two men at the after party.

The two were quickly separated with James and Kevin Durant among the ones to intervene. "Emotions have flared up on multiple occasions now between the two that Tristan really expects their feud to roll over to next season and he wouldn't be surprised if they fought again", a source close to number 13 tells EXCLUSIVELY.