Will you attend Trump's rally in DE next week?


Troy Balderson, the GOP candidate running in a special election this coming Tuesday. "He said, 'Well, I don't have anything to do with it'".

President Donald Trump is predicting a "tremendous victory" for OH state Sen. And it might, as long as Trump remembers to call Balderson by the right name.

Continuing his trend of being as useful on Twitter as a stick of butter over an open flame, President Donald Trump unleashed yet another prestigious endorsement for an Ohioan on his favorite website.

Truck driver and Trump supporter Rob LaPat is attending his first Trump rally. Kasich said Balderson told him, "Well, I don't have anything to do with it".

A few dozen protesters are lined along a walkway outside the school holding signs that say "Impeach 45" and "Real News Fake President". As NPR reported, President Donald Trump's fiscal policies have been receiving significant pushback, not only from worldwide allies and Democrats but also from Republicans.

President Donald Trump is seizing on the prospect of Democrat Nancy Pelosi becoming House speaker again as he makes his pitch for Republican candidates.

The Ohio rally was Trump's third of the week and he has pledged to accelerate his pace further as the midterms approach.

Balderson, who polls have shown faces a tough battle against Democrat Danny O'Connor in a district where the GOP traditionally has dominated, was introduced by Trump to the crowd as "really smart" and a "really hard worker".

With the impasse on Capitol Hill and open resistance in the form of "sanctuary policies" from left-leaning states and localities, Republican governors may play a more significant role in ramping up immigration enforcement. Pat Tiberi resigned in January to lead the Ohio Business Roundtable.

The rally is happening at Olentangy Orange High School in Ohio's 12th congressional district.