Customers attacked with brooms after dispute over botched $5 eyebrow wax


The wild scene was captured on cell phone video. It's hard to tell who instigated the violence, but it appears to be the workers at the nail salon who are dealing the most force.

In a video posted to Facebook, Mercy Maduka explained that she was paying a visit to the NY salon when a huge fight broke out over a so-called botched eyebrow.

'So I'm at the nail salon and they f***** up a lady eyebrow and she refused to pay then a fight broke out, ' wrote Mercy Maduka.

Huiyue Zheng, 32, was charged with assault and weapon possession. Christina Thomas, the 35-year-old customer, was charged with misdemeanor assault and also released on her own recognizance, the Post reports. Her mother says that's when the salon owner stepped in and things got heated.

"You couldn't pay me to come back here", said resident Crystal Harper. The woman being hit is beaten on the back as she walks out of the salon.

Zhing was hospitalized with visible injuries to her face and body, and Thomas refused medical attention, according to police.

The protest happened after video was shared on Facebook Friday night showing a group of women in smocks surrounding a woman as a second woman whacks her with a broom.

Facebook user Jasmine Johnson posted a video of a protest in front of the Brooklyn salon on Sunday. Witnesses claim a group of women reportedly comprised of four women paid for manicures and pedicures, but a botched eyebrow job on woman lead to an argument.

Empress Ak wrote on Facebook, "I am standing with the elder who was thrown acetone in her face while her granddaughter was attacked".

Sandwiched in between a West Indian grocery store and a sneaker store, New Red Apple Nails is located on the edge of East Flatbush, a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn.

A nail salon erupted in violence with a grandmother and two other customers attacked with a broomstick because of an eyebrow wax gone wrong. Instead of making a compromise or including a 3rd party (police) to mediate they attacked them.