More Than 70,000 Homeless After Deadly Lombok Earthquake In Indonesia


The death toll from a powerful quake on the Indonesian island of Lombok rose to 105 on Tuesday as rescuers clawed through the rubble of homes, schools and mosques for survivors and evacuees faced another night in the open.

The north of Lombok has been devastated by the magnitude 7.0 quake that struck Sunday night, damaging thousands of buildings and killing a large number of people.

Footage of an Indonesian imam leading evening prayer in a Bali mosque during a deadly natural disaster struck the neighbouring island of Lombok has gone viral, with people praising him for his indomitable faith.

Muhammad Zainul Majdi, governor of the West Nusa Tenggara region which covers Lombok, said there was a dire need for medical staff, food, and medicine in the worst-hit places. The figure was expected to rise.

A video shot by a soldier today showed rescuers thanking God as...

"Many houses that were still standing when I passed them during the day were flattened after Sunday's quake", she said.

The couple and their family, who have been spending time in the U.S. over the summer, were said to have landed in the popular tourist destination on Saturday, the day of the quake. However, there have been a series of aftershocks.

The foreign ministry said a two-day regional conference on people smuggling with Indonesian and Australian foreign ministers in attendance was still being held on Monday and Tuesday as scheduled.

"There are reports. that there are people buried alive, it is a critical time for immediate evacuation".

Kurniawan Eko Wibowo, a doctor at the field hospital, said most patients had broken bones and head injuries.

While many were glued to their feeds to see Chrissy's updates, she made sure everyone knew she was safe while later directing eyeballs to concentrate on those who were badly affected.

Muhamad Juanda, who narrowly escaped the mosque collapse, said 100 people were praying inside when the earth began to roll.

Montgomery-Lay said her family hasn't gone to the airport to try to get on a flight for fear of being stuck in the heat with her daughter's health condition. "Our hearts go out to the people affected by the quake". "I stayed during the first shock, but the shock grew stronger and we rolled around trying to run out", he said.

It is the simple houses of Lombok's poor inhabitants that were hardest hit by the quake.

Rescue efforts earlier were hampered by shallow waters, but rising sea waters have paved the way for nine ships to dock on Gili island.

"They have not been touched by any assistance", Nguroho said.

"Moreover, all shops and stalls there are closed, making the economy totally crippled."

The Gili islands are located just off the coast of Lombok and have been particularly affected due to their huge popularity with tourists.

The islets are renowned for their crystal clear waters that draw snorkelers and divers from all over the world.

"We can help tourists to get to the airport but of course we can't buy them tickets for free", he said, adding that authorities were providing free accommodation, food and transport to those in need.