At least 91 dead after quake hits Indonesia’s Lombok island


A POWERFUL quake has rocked the popular Indonesian holiday island of Lombok, killing a reported 82 people, injuring dozens more and damaging buildings, officials said.

The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) said that more than 120 aftershocks were recorded after Sunday evening's quake, whose magnitude the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) revised down to 6.9 from an original 7.0. Strong aftershocks ranging from 5.4- to 4.3-magnitude followed the main quake, the USGS said.

Two days after the quake, rescuers were still struggling to reach all the affected areas and authorities expected the death toll to rise.

Local disaster official Agung Pramuja said 32 people were confirmed dead, many from northern and western parts of Lombok.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) recorded the death toll from Lombok quake on Sunday, August 5, the toll had increased to 91 people.

"People panicked and scattered on the streets, and buildings and houses that had been damaged by the previous quake had become more damaged and collapsed", Nugroho said.

The strong tremor, which sent people running in panic from homes and hotels in the early morning.

"Everyone immediately ran out of their homes, everyone is panicking", one resident named as Iman said.

The tremor knocked out electricity in several areas of the city.

Home Affairs Minister K.Shanmugam of Singapore described the quake on Facebook as it shook violently the bulding in which he was staying. "It was quite impossible to stand up", he said.

The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) reported that 89 of the victims died on Lombok Island and two on nearby Bali Island.

Separately, the local village head, Budhiawan, said about 30 people were trapped based on unclaimed belongings outside the mosque. "We are all queueing at the port, but there´s not enough boats", she said tearfully.

Gary has been hokidaying in Bali and had been taken some time away from the internet, last touching in with fans five days ago when he revealed he had been "limiting my tech to an hour a day while I'm on holiday". "It's understandable they want to leave the Gilis, they are panicking", he told AFP.

"Due to proximity the natural disaster was felt on Bali, which sustained some minor damage to the Denpasar airport terminal, however this hasn't affected the airport at all, with flights operating as normal".

In addition to sea evacuation, the airport in Lombok has also increased its departing flights.

Early reports suggest the quake wrecked buildings in several districts across Bali.

Indonesia, which straddles the Pacific's "Ring of Fire," is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In 2004, a devastating tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9.3 undersea quake off the coast of Sumatra in western Indonesia killed 220,000 people in countries around the Indian Ocean, including 168,000 in Indonesia.