Mike Pence expected to announce plans for ‘Space Force’ in U.S


Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday that the Pentagon is beginning the process of creating a sixth branch of the United States military dedicated to space that will be known as the Space Force.

He said that the report "identifies concrete steps that our administration will take to lay the foundation for a new Department of the Space Force".

Last year, some members of Congress proposed creating a "Space Corps" inside the Air Force, similar to how the Marine Corps is part of the Navy Department. John McCain (R-Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, that he opposed "the creation of a new military service and additional organizational layers at a time when we are focused on reducing overhead and integrating joint warfighting functions".

Trump likes to win and what he's witnessed in recent years has obviously upset him.

Space warfare capabilities are now overseen by the US Air Force.

"We're building bipartisan support for our plan", Pence said.

President Donald Trump holds up the space policy directive that he signed during a National Space Council meeting in Washington, June 18, 2018.

Trump wants to regain America's pre-eminence up there and this is his way of doing it.

"We in the House have been warning for years about the threats to our space assets and the unacceptably slow pace to develop more capable space systems", Rogers tweeted.

A better idea would be elevating an organization within the Air Force to deal with space, Thompson said. The White House intends to work with lawmakers in submitting legislation by early next year, a senior administration official said, with the hopes of standing up the department as early as 2020.

Scott Kelly, a former NASA astronaut, veteran of four space flights and three stays on the International Space Station, is another who believes it is not needed.

The U.S. military is not new to the space game.

Monaco Air staff are used to high profile visitors, but said it was a privilege to be able to assist the Vice President on a visit to the Northland. "I don't think so". To see if it is something we need. "It didn't seem like it made sense".

Over on Twitter, where the mere idea of a "Space Force" was widely mocked, people couldn't help but offer logo concepts they felt were more appropriate. "You know the only person promoting this is the president", he said.

The Pentagon sent a report to Congress on Tuesday detailing steps towards meeting Trump's order.

Pence described space as a domain that was once peaceful and uncontested but has now become crowded and adversarial.

He added, "America will always seek peace, in space as on the Earth". "But we built that architecture in space at a time when it was benign".