Omarosa says Trump arranged conference call with David Pecker


Asked whether she could guarantee such a recording would never surface, Sanders said: "I can't guarantee anything, but I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly".

"He is embarrassed", Pierson says.

Now, the Trump campaign is taking legal action.

The campaign did not elaborate on the nature of the alleged violation.

There have already been showdowns between Donald Trump and Omarosa Manigault Newman.

Nevertheless, the tapes have only deepened a pre-existing sense of paranoia among Trump staffers, according to senior administration officials, fueling an underlying suspicion that everyone inside the West Wing is out for themselves. She has shared some of those tapes during her book tour. And Trump's campaign said that in the 2016 race she "signed the exact same NDA that everyone else on the campaign signed, which is still enforceable".

Trump has been taken to task for his disparaging remarks about women in the past.

"Mark Burnett called to say that there are NO TAPES of the Apprentice where I used such a bad and disgusting word as attributed by Wacky and Deranged Omarosa", Trump said.

On the tape, a person whom Manigault Newman identifies as Pierson is heard saying: "I'm trying to find out at least the context it was used in to help us figure out a way to spin it".

"She made it up", he wrote, also calling her a "lowlife", "a loser" and "Wacky and Deranged".

"I don't believe that I have violated the agreement", she told anchor Katy Tur on MSNBC, adding that she will leave it to the lawyers "to sort out".

"She may not even talk about it in her book, but I talk about it in mine, and she did these things to support her president and to support her friend she said she was loyal to", Ryan continued.

Ms Manigault Newman is a former contestant on The Apprentice, which Mr Trump judged, and was given a job in the White House by the Trump administration after his election.

A spokesperson for DeVos hasn't yet responded to a request for comment. "Did she mean to come off as out of touch and tone-dead by wearing snakeskin stiletto heels to hurricane-ravaged Texas?"

Their war of words hit arguably a new low when the president called Mrs Newman, who had previously been one of his most prominent black supporters, a "dog".

"There is no excuse for it, and Republicans should not be okay with it", Flake, a frequent Trump critic, said in a tweet. She noted that hiring and personnel were the responsibility of others in the White House, but said she has "tons and tons of emails" in which she pushed job candidates for consideration.

Trump had a long history in his business and political career of using nondisclosure agreements to protect secrets and keep subordinates quiet.

Through attorney Michael Cohen, Trump also sought to silence adult film actress Stephanie Clifford. "That was one of the goals that I set out to and then get back to my life", she said. The newspaper cited a draft agreement that included a $10 million penalty for violators.

The White House says Omarosa's book is riddled with lies and false accusations. "And not just the year that she worked here, but the time that she spent on the campaign trail and I think it's really sad what she's doing at this point".