'She knew she was blessed' - Smokey Robinson remembers Aretha


"She brought joy to others' lives, and she will - her voice and the essence of her will long live all of us that are here right now". "More than once, I've met a hero of mine, but nothing compared to getting to know Aretha Franklin - Ms. Franklin".

While she recorded and performed her own compositions from time to time (hit 1968 single and feminist anthem Think is an original song of hers), Franklin earned a great part of her fame as a unique interpreter of other people's songs. She later called off the wedding, but the two continued their relationship. "There is no one who can touch her", wrote Mary J. Blige in Rolling Stone, when the magazine chose Franklin as the top singer of all time.

- Franklin has four sons, having been married twice - to her manager Ted White and later Actor Glynn Turman, whom she later divorced. "Michelle and I send our prayers and warmest sympathies to her family and all those moved by her song". "Internationally, wherever she went in the world, she represented us". Instead, she paid teary-eyed tribute to legendary singer Aretha Franklin, who had died earlier that day at age 76 from pancreatic cancer.

"And sometimes she helped us just forget about everything else and dance".

Like many of our musicians, Aretha's musical roots are embedded in the black church, and gospel music was at her core. People everywhere celebrated the Queen of Soul and paid tribute to her in their own ways, but the Detroit Tigers found a flawless one.

That's when Harris knew she had to come down to Aretha's father's church to honor Franklin and give her granddaughter a history lesson.

Franklin passed away at 9:50 am surrounded by her family and loved ones, her family said in a statement issued by her publicist.

As further noted by The Wrap, some Twitter users didn't just wonder why Aretha Franklin looked white, as there were a few who compared her appearance on Carrey's painting to that of Kathy Bates, an actress best known for her roles in Misery and American Horror Story.

"When all the civil rights movement things were going on, she was right there, hanging there". "And she was a great cook".

"This is very personal for me, as you can probably tell", he said.

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