Spokane air quality in the 'very unhealthy' range; 'Tuxedo Junction' concert cancelled


Air quality has deteriorated across the province as more than 500 wildfires burn across British Columbia. To help you stay informed about air quality during the fire season, KQED Science is providing this map showing air quality in your area and what it means for your health, updated hourly.

"Most of the summer we've kept our onshore winds, even though it's been hot, which kept the smoke out of here until about two weeks ago", said Marriott. Simon said he won't let the kids ride as far or take part in as many running games like tag while the air quality is bad.

Thick smoke in Denver blocked the view of some of Colorado's famous mountains and prompted an air quality health advisory for the northeastern quarter of the state. The haze will worsen late Sunday and on Monday but sun should return on Tuesday.

The air is so smoky and unhealthy today (Monday, Aug. 20), that Highline Public Schools moved all high school athletic practices indoor for the day.

She said the use of portable air cleaners has been associated with better lung function, lower blood pressure, and reduced inflammation in children and adults.

The Federal Aviation Administration said airplanes bound for the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport may be delayed because of low visibility. "We now have an air quality reading of "Very Unhealthy/Purple".

An Air Quality Alert is in effect for Western Washington until 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Many monitoring stations in B.C. are reporting AQHI health risk levels in the high to very high range, with some modest improvement expected in the next few days over the interior, but worse conditions along the coast as winds shift.

The MPCA said the air quality will improve overnight and smoke is expected to be completely gone from the state by Tuesday morning. "We try to stay inside as much as we can", said Diadio, "it's just too very bad out there. It's a different experience".