At least 19 on quarantined Emirates flight confirmed sick


Emirates Airline has confirmed that "about 10 passengers" have fallen ill from an unidentified illness on flight 203, direct from Dubai to John F. Kennedy Airport in NY, where the plane is now being held under quarantine.

- Emergency personnel responded to reports of sick passengers aboard an Emirates flight arriving at JFK Airport on Wednesday morning.

In a second statement, Emirates has confirmed all passengers have disembarked from the flight.

Passengers had gotten off their planes and were in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection zone at the airport when they began to complain of feeling sick.

Twelve passengers on American Airlines flights from Paris and Munich reported experiencing flu-like symptoms.

A New York Police Department counterterrorism division tweeted it was monitoring what appeared to be a "medical situation".

At least 10 passengers were taken ill on a NY to Dubai flight, said Emirates airline. The airline says about 10 passengers were sick and were getting medical attention "as a precaution". The 12 passengers reported sore throats and coughs, but after medical inspection, none were found to have fevers, according to CDC. After filling out a few forms and undergoing several health checks, some passengers were allowed to continue with their travel plans, although others were held for further evaluation. Emirates airline said they included seven crew members and three passengers.

The plane, thought to be an Airbus A380 containing at least 500 passengers, is said to have been quarantined.

That said, Emirates officials reportedly told USA officials that only 10 people were ill and believes this incident was caused by food poisoning.