Nicki Minaj Calls Cardi B a ‘Disgusting Pig’ After NYFW Fight


At the time of writing, Cardi had not responded to Minaj's interview.

Cardi left the event barefoot and also had a bruise above her eye that was supposedly caused by one of Nicki's body guards who elbowed her in the face during the attack.

Nicki opened up about the altercation with Cardi on Friday and said she's mostly embarrassed by what went down.

A source revealed to Page 6, "It was bad".

In a video captured by TMZ, bodyguards can be seen trying to stop Cardi from getting any closer to Nicki, but she tried to push past them.

Nicki didn't take any kind of high road during her broadcast today, claiming how Cardi's career was built off "sympathy and payola". We do now know that Rashidah Ali was the one who defended the Queen rapper and that's how Bardi ended up with that lump on her forehead. And you wanna let your publicist write something about stopping bags? "I would never discuss anyone's child". I've worked too hard and come too far to let anybody f-k with my success!. I never had to bang a DJ to play my songs.

"You just had the biggest blessing of your life with a child". The world gave you a blessing, of a handsome bundle of joy, and the only thing on your mind after you [gave birth] was to attack people and to stop their bags....

"Let me go on record, I would never talk about anyone's child or parenting, I don't give a shit, it's so insane to me that people always need to make Onika [Nicki's real name] the bad guy".

In her words: "You put your hands on certain people you gon die". PERIOD", she said. "I'm not the bi**hes in the strip club and Love and Hip Hop. In wake of the fight with Minaj, video has resurfaced from February 2017 showing Cardi throwing a shoe at Asia Davies on "Love & Hip Hop".

While Cardi took to Instagram shortly after the incident to suggest the argument was over Nicki talking about her 8-week-old child, Nicki told listeners on her Apple Music radio show Queen that she would never speak ill of anyone's child. "My money is very f**king long".