Next Apple Watch Might Finally Sport The User-Requested Always-On Mode


The availability of more screen space would mean more modifications of Apple apps and the dedicated watch faces. Though its still hard to say when Apple will launch its watch with this feature. Some devices solved this power drain by the inclusion of a dimmer grayscale mode - which displays only the time and uses less power - when the devices are not being actively used.

Fans who want to be able to watch the exclusive invite-only event by Apple through the internet can follow the guide put up by MacWorld.

There's also a good chance the Apple Watch 4 will be revealed at the same time and a recently filed Apple patent reveals plans to make big changes to the smartwatch's screen.

Additionally, the analyst said the 2018 Watch models would be 1.57-inches and 1.78-inches, respectively. By comparison, the Apple Watch Series 3 display has a resolution of 312×390. That conflicts with the 1.3-inch display size of the sketched-out wearable. From looking at information found in the latest watchOS5 beta, 9to5Mac speculates the screen resolution on 42mm version will be 384×480. The reason for the bump in resolution is because the display size on the upcoming smartwatch has been increased as Apple will cut down the bezels all around. The Series 4 is also expected to have a higher pixel density, which should boost the resolution.

As Apple is leading the wearable smartwatches ranks, Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch has the hard task of improving the good results of its predecessors. Last week, 9to5Mac reported that some watch faces will be able to show a total of nine complications.

Multiple factors can impact the value of handset on the resale market and it could be that given the various leaks of the rumoured upcoming new iPhone handsets, that consumers are taking the opportunity to now upgrade to the year old iPhone X given its lower price and underwhelming prospect of the new models. Besides three new iPhone models (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XC), the company will also announce a brand new Apple Watch and new iPad Pros with FaceID.

The Apple Watch has kept pretty much the exact same design since it was first released more than three years ago.