Tennis umpires reportedly mulling boycotting Serena Williams matches after US Open flap


Things got even worse for Williams as she was punished for a third time after she branded Ramos a "thief" and a "liar" in a lengthy heated exchange with the umpire. He also refrained from going out the day after the final to avoid problems, according to the report.

"It's sad for the sport when a player tries to become bigger than the rules".

Her stance was swiftly backed by the WTA Tour's chief executive Steve Simon, and United States great Billie-Jean King, both of whom also questioned the initial code violation handed to Williams for on-court coaching.

"I would say a championship match in terms of high-level talent on the court between those two ladies ... obviously Naomi deserved to win and she played awesome", Curry told Omnisport.

Ramos has been accused of specifically targeting Williams for the coaching violation, although the Portuguese umpire has a reputation of being a strict enforcer of the rules. While he received multiple warnings, he did not have any points or games docked. Then include fines for in-play violations and exclude retirement and the time and game delay violations.

The image implies that Williams' response to Ramos' penalties was immature and that she was a sore loser for speaking up for herself.

Confronting multiple accusations that the piece is both racist and sexist from worldwide sources, Herald Sun editor Damon Johnston released a statement claiming that the cartoon has simply been taken up incorrectly.

"Serena got angry on the court", he said.

Another unusual thing to come out of this whole furore is Ramos' low pay - former top umpire Richard Ings tweeted that the Portuguese would've earned only $450 (about R6 788) for the final, which is the standard daily rate of the US Tennis Association... "I'm all about gender equality and I think when you look at that situation these are conversations that will be imposed in the next weeks". "She's right about the guys being held to a different standard, there's no question". "Umpires are just upset", Ings added.

The US Tennis Association admitted the umpire got it wrong in issuing a code violation to France's Alize Cornet for quickly removing her shirt on court when she realised she'd put a fresh one on back to front ― another embarrassing incident with sexist overtones.

"The decisions made by Ramos had nothing to do with sexism or racism. They had everything to do with observing clear breaches of the grand slam code of conduct and then having the courage to call them without fear or favor".