Trump Wrongly Touts Economy Growth Milestone vs. Unemployment


President Trump was incorrect when he tweeted that more than a century had passed since quarterly economic growth last outpaced the jobless rate, the White House's top economist said Monday.

Gasparino was writing in response to a tweet from Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel.

If this statistic seems dubious, that is because it is categorically false; there have actually been 63 fiscal quarters across the past 60 years in which the unemployment rate was lower than the rate of growth for the gross domestic product, or GDP.

Gasparino responded with a mix of snark and anger.

Last month, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders falsely claimed that Trump has created three times as many jobs for black workers as his predecessor Barack Obama did during his entire time in office.

"The history of thought about how errors happen is not something I can engage in, because from the initial fact to what the president said, I don't know the whole chain of command", Hassett said.

Administration officials rarely contradict the president in public and nearly never from behind the podium, well aware that Trump prizes loyalty above all else in his employees.

"There's no question that there's a mixture of credit involved". She particularly took issue with Obama's statement that Trump has been "capitalizing" on America's historical resentments.

"He was the president for the eight years when the cause was being created", Christie said on "ABC This Week" on Sunday.

The overall United States economy grew at a 4.2% annual rate in the second quarter. They said it was Obama, not Trump, who first used rhetoric to pit groups of Americans against each other.

But Mr Trump is to a large extent standing on Mr Obama's shoulders, he said.

It also wasn't clear why Trump focused on those numbers.

But hourly pay for mid-wages workers in that time has risen only a paltry 0.5%, he said.

"When people ask me, 'how's the economy doing?' I ask them, whose economy are you talking about?"