20,000 pallets of water bottles found unused on Puerto Rico runway


"You did not do a good job in Puerto Rico". But are we? And does Trump have any room to talk now that Puerto Rico has revised its death toll from Hurricane Maria to around 3,000?

Long continued: "We are hyper-focused on those seven critical lifelines because we realized a year ago that if any one of those lifelines goes down, then life safety is in jeopardy".

"The water was kept in an area that was pretty hard hit during the storm, and could have used all the water they could have gotten", Begnaud explained in a video he posted to Twitter. "If we were another state, the response would have been much faster".

With Hurricane Florence fast approaching the southeastern USA and due to make landfall on Thursday, Trump pointed to his administration's emergency preparedness, saying he handled the situation in Puerto Rico well, despite what critics said. From Sept. 30 to October 7, not one of those checks was approved.

Earlier this month, the governor of Puerto Rico formally raised the death toll from the 2017 storm to an estimated 2,975 from 64 following a study conducted by researchers at George Washington University.

For Maria, there was a large gap between when the first loan was approved and when loans started ramping up. "They had no electric before the storm hit - it was dead".

Overall, compared with Harvey and Irma, Maria saw more funds loaned to homeowners rather than business owners.

Ramos told ABC he's not sure how long the bottles have been sitting there, but a report from the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration says FEMA made a delivery of "excess bottled water" in April.

The co-host - whose family was directly impacted by the Puerto Rico storm - gave Trump a verbal pummeling while talking about reports that the administration took $10 million away from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) - and gave it to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), noted Mediaite.

"We think the federal government can solve everything, and it really can't", he said. After delivering more than 700 pallets, they received complaints about the smell and taste of the water from a municipality, the GSA said. He added that it was unclear why the remainder sat on the runway for almost four months.

His latest remarks once again dredged up those same hurt feelings.

"I'm sorry, sir, shame on you", Carmen Yulin Cruz said on CNN. "It bothers me and it hurts".