White House Buckles in For Hurricane Florence


Scientists have filmed an astonishing video of the interior of Hurricane Florence, as the storm bears down on North and SC.

Even with some weakening that's predicted just before it makes landfall, the storm "is expected to remain a unsafe major hurricane as it approaches the coastline", the hurricane center said.

Steady streams of vehicles full of people and belongings flowed inland Tuesday as North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper tried to convince everyone on North Carolina's coast to flee.

"While I've Evac'ed home to Charlotte, I've rummaged the house for an old book to read, and stumbled upon a little light reading". Additionally, there will be damaging winds that could top 100 miles per hour, isolated tornadoes, and "devastating" storm surge.

Florence, it said, will bring "life-threatening storm surge and rainfall to portions of the Carolinas and mid-Atlantic".

The hurricane warning was issued for issued from South Santee River, South Carolina, to Duck, North Carolina, and the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds. "When you slow a system down that has tropical water with it, it is just going to dump rain". He underlined the point that even if you call 911, there is a chance rescue services may not be able to get to you.

North Carolina farms are moving livestock to safety.

"The governor said that North Carolina is the bull's eye of this hurricane", Larry Wooten, president of the North Carolina Farm Bureau, said in an interview.

Alamance County residents should brace for at least 2 to 4 inches and as much as 10 inches of rain over the weekend, the National Weather Service said Wednesday, Sept. 12.

Some areas could get deluged with 20 inches of rain, Myers said.

A state of emergency has been declared in both North and SC.

"The time to prepare is nearly over", he said.

Crews also prepared 16 nuclear reactors in the three-state region for the storm.

"This morning I drove around for an hour looking for gas in Cary".

And in the 29 years since Hurricane Hugo struck, the population of the coastal Carolinas has skyrocketed.

Major evacuations are taking place, and dire projections are being generated by forecasters as they scramble to inform people so they can stay safe from a storm that will bring high winds, a powerful storm surge, and intense rain. "Everyone was sold out", she said.

A hurricane warning - meaning hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours - is in effect for a long stretch of the coast, from the Santee River in SC to Duck, N.C., which is part of the Outer Banks.

"It certainly is a challenge forecasting precise impacts when its exact track won't be known until a day in advance", Landsea said.