Twitter Reacts to Eminem's MGK Diss 'Killshot'


"First what he said "I'm the greatest rapper alive since my favourite rapper banned me from Shade 45" or whatever he said, right?" "You ain't never made a list next to no Biggie, no JAY / Next to Taylor Swift and that Iggy ho / You about to really blow / Kelly, they'll be putting your name next to Ja, next to Benzino / Die, motherfucker, like the last motherfucker saying Hailie in vain". "Had to give you a career to destroy it".

Speaking to American radio host Sway Calloway, Eminem revealed, "Somebody sends me a screenshot of his Twitter and it says "had some s**t to get my chest, you just rap you're not God", which was a reference to Eminem's song "Rap God". While Kelly said he meant it in "the most respectful" way, the 45-year-old still took offense to the statement and responded in kind. six years later. I loved his energy... he was a amusing dude, super charismatic and shit, but I'm sitting back, like... man, at what point do I have to say something, just to defend myself?

He continued: "So I click on it. he starts doing a press run, basically, about Hailie".

"So, that's not why I dissed him". In a Thursday interview with rapper Sway, Eminem got candid about the backlash, saying he now believes he crossed a line by including the slur. I'd think it regardless. Like I'm trying to hinder his career. You know how many fucking rappers are better than you? "You're not even in the f***in' conversation".

On Friday (Sept 14), after waiting for more than a week, Eminem has released his response to MGK's "Rap Devil" with his own on record decimation, "Kill Shot."The four-minute record takes aim at several lines spit by MGK, including the line that calling out Em for not visiting his hometown".

Eminem added: "It's like, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up".

"I was angry when I said the shit about Tyler", Eminem explains in the interview.

We wonder what's going to happen next?