Martina Navratilova says Serena Williams was partly right but mostly wrong


Japan's Naomi Osaka has refused to criticise Serena Williams after her historic US Open victory was overshadowed by the American's furious row with the chair umpire. I have never cheated in my life!

Writing in The New York Times, Navratilova - the American 18-time grand slam victor - felt that Williams had some point in her argument with the officials, but that her behaviour was inexcusable, and something which was a bad look for those watching on.

For Osaka, who four years ago took a selfie with Williams outside the same court, the notion that she was the opposing player handed an advantage by the umpire seemed to fill her with agony.

So the next time you see her on the court, she'll be sporting a Nissan logo on her clothes. Even though I couldn't tell a tennis ball from a squash ball if it hit me on my sizeable forehead, I track every win, every loss and every setback that sister Serena has to deal with. You're a thief too.

Williams, who lost the final to Naomi Osaka on Saturday, received warnings from Ramos for coaching and breaking a racket before being docked a game for calling the umpire a "thief". To lose a game for saying that, it's not fair.

My friends will tell you how we utterly hate it when a man interrupts a women making a point, only to make the same point the woman was trying to make, what is now called "mansplaining". The first variable is how often men and women actually commit these violations, rather than how often they get called on them. "I'm here fighting for women's rights and for women's equality and for all kinds of stuff". Osaka will appear in global promotions and advertising for the Yokohama, Japan-based carmaker, which will support her as a tennis player, the company said Thursday in a statement.

Ramos came under fire from prominent figures in the world of tennis, including Billie Jean King, while the WTA also backed Williams' claims of sexism. "We do not believe that this was done".

The Japanese player's breakthrough triumph in NY was overshadowed by an explosive row between her opponent Serena Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos.

Osaka earned your votes for the month of August after a sizzling two weeks in NY, where she became the first player, male or female, from Japan to win a Grand Slam singles title.

The outlier, intriguingly, is coaching, the issue which ignited this sorry saga.