Russian biggest war-games "Vostok-2018" underway


According to previous estimates, about 300,000 troops were set to participate in the maneuvers.

The Russian Armed Forces have shown their readiness to successfully withstand potential military threats, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday, after observing a series of drills involving hundreds of thousands of troops.

More than a thousand soldiers took part in a hyper-realistic recreation of a theater of war and explosions interrupted the normally tranquil region, one of the few in Russian Federation where the population is predominantly Buddhist.

Moscow and Beijing have vowed to stage regular joint war games similar to the massive ones being held this week, Russia's defence minister said.

He emphasized that "Russia is a peaceful nation", but noted that the country needs to strengthen its military capability to "be ready to protect its sovereignty, security and national interests, and, if necessary, support our allies". You demonstrated the high-level performance.

Chinese troops have joined the Russians.

"This is why we will continue to strengthen our armed forces, to equip them in weapons and the latest equipment, and expand our military partnerships, international", he added in front of the soldiers the russians and chinese.

For example, a surprise inspection of the Northern Fleet took place in mid-August, while similar inspections of the Central and Eastern military districts happened later that month.

Russian Federation has said the Vostok-2018 exercises involve almost 300,000 troops and all types of military equipment, as well as the participation of the Chinese and Mongolian armies.