Lawmakers react to Trump's order to declassify documents related to Russian Federation probe


The documents the president ordered declassified include a portion of a secret surveillance application for a former Trump campaign adviser, materials by default treated as highly secret and withheld from public view.

Trump also ordered the Justice Department and FBI to publicly release in full all text messages related to the Russia investigation from former FBI director James Comey, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, former lead Russia investigators and disgraced lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and Ohr, who was demoted from his top post at the Justice Department in December amid questions about his involvement in the Russia probe.

The volume of unclassified information is likely to throw the Russian investigation into chaos as the motivations for the investigation into Trump campaign collusion will likely be revealed.

Republicans praised the move, arguing that it would create more transparency around the investigation.

And the No. 3 Republican in the House, Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, tweeted that Trump made the right call.

Ohr is a former high-ranking DOJ official who met repeatedly with British spy Christopher Steele, author of the notorious "Trump dossier" funded by Hillary Clinton's campaign through the opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

"This is something I am hoping that individuals of conscience are going to stop and prevent, because I am concerned this is one indication that Mr. Trump is increasingly looking for steps to take in order to further try to subvert the Mueller investigation", said Brennan.

In this case, the materials may shed new insight into why federal agents suspected the aide, Carter Page, of being the agent of a foreign power.

Fox News was told that the Carter Page surveillance warrant application it expected to be declassified first, and then the FBI's interview reports on Bruce Ohr.

Yet another insider tell-all will take aim at President Trump, as fired FBI deputy director Andre McCabe has scored a deal to publish "The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump. We applaud President Trump's boldness for taking this step and we encourage the administration to expeditiously release the documents". They're less willing to provide information. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said in a statement Monday. "The things that have been found over the last couple of weeks about text messages back and forth are a disgrace to our nation". "We're on the verge of having the president do more declassification".

The material involving Page amounts to 412 pages of documents, comprising an October 2016 bureau application to the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a warrant to monitor Page's communications for three months, and applications to extend the monitoring for three subsequent 90-day periods.