Disney is bringing several Marvel heroes spinoffs to its upcoming streaming service


Until this point, we didn't have much in the way of detail about what the Disney streaming service would ultimately look like beyond the company's assurances it would cost less than Netflix. We'll have to wait and see to find out how Marvel Studios will use Disney's service to expand the MCU-neither Marvel nor Disney are commenting on the story at the moment.

However, while at least two heavyweights are coming to the screen, Variety's report notes that the main Avengers, those who've had their own solo franchises like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, won't be appearing on the TV shows. According to Variety, Disney will be digging into their MCU catalog to create exclusive television shows based around popular comic book characters. But the trade mag has heard that the series would effectively be miniseries of around six to eight hours, running exclusively on the new Disney service. Variety says "budgets are expected to be hefty rivaling those of a major studio production" - which makes sense, because both Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are likely to play their respective characters.

The news would certainly help soothe some of the pain fans are still feeling after the body count of Avengers: Infinity War - although it remains to be seen whether the shows would be prequels or set in the current MCU continuity.

An important distinction made in the report is that these shows are expected to carry massive budgets, on part with blockbuster movie productions. They will be produced by Marvel Studios, and studio boss Kevin Feige is reportedly going to have a "hands-on" role in them.

The trade publication said that the actors who play the characters on the big screen are being tapped to also star in the small screen versions. Or let's go all out here, how cool would it be to explore the Hulk in a TV setting since Marvel cannot now make a stand-alone movie for him, again this could be set prior to Avengers in the MCU timeline.

Neither project has a writer at this time. And hey, who knows - maybe they'll give Hawkeye his own series next.