‘Doctor Who’ Trailer: The First Female Doctor Is Here, and She’s Glorious


Hot on the heels of an introductory teaser that made a literalized sight gag of the idiom "breaking the glass ceiling", we get the first full trailer of Doctor Who's forthcoming eleventh series, and the first in the program's history to feature a woman as the spotlighted Time Lord.

And for all the Doctor Who staples in this most recent trailer-ever-more fantastical locales, an terrible lot of running (especially in some corridors), waving around a Sonic Screwdriver, and the Doctor putting what she's all about into mysteriously understated terms-it definitely feels like "a chance to start again". "And when people need help, I never refuse". If you ask me, the show could benefit from some new blood and new ideas, so I'm all for these changes. But many are the same kind of change-fearing dreck torn apart by Whittaker's cheery cheekiness - the same disposition that makes her ideal for the role, one that was always going to be female.

The ten episode season of Doctor Who premieres on TVNZ2 in prime-time on Friday, October 12. She is taking over for 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi. But this trailer offers a glimpse at some of the Doctor's new adversaries, including a menacing shape that looks like writhing ball of electrical cables.

The Doctor's companions Yaz (Mandip Gill), Ryan (Tosin Cole), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) are also spotted.

Doctor Who returns to BBC America on Sunday, October 7.

As the drop date approaches, the BBC has released a new trailer.