The longest week: Carolinas worn out by Florence, death toll at 41


Forecasters grew increasingly anxious about New Bern being flooded by storm surge on the Neuse River the closer Florence got to the coast, and their fears proved to be well-founded: a 10-foot (3-meter) surge was reported in the city, along with more than 16 inches (40 centimeters) of rainfall.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to get an update on storm-damaged areas of North Carolina on Wednesday at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point.

The state is also the nation's second leading producer of hogs, with more than 2,100 farms that raise about 9 million hogs each year, according to the North Carolina Pork Council.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster says a health care company has donated $500,000 to a fund created to help people in the state during disasters.

A man in Dillion County is the ninth person to die in SC related to Hurricane Florence, after he was apparently swept away by floodwaters.

Over 60,000 customers were without power in North Carolina early on Friday.

Florence, which barreled into the Carolinas last week as a Category 1 storm and has since been downgraded to a tropical depression as it turned toward the northeast, has claimed at least 37 lives. DOT approved the funds shortly after Gov. Roy Cooper and North Carolina Transportation Secretary James Trogdon requested them. Sixty of its 880 broiler houses in North Carolina flooded and another six broiler houses experienced damage. Officials warned human, hog and other animal waste were mixing in with floodwaters in the Carolinas.

"We are behind you from day one from three days ago and now it looks nice but it's really the calm before the storm", President Trump said. Parts of the main north-south route on the East coast, Interstate 95, and the main road to Wilmington, Interstate 40, remain flooded.

The storm will continue to sweep through southern New York, Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey.

"I'm just ready for this to be over, to be honest", said Evan Jones, a college student who evacuated from Wilmington and doesn't know when he will get back. Ten thousand evacuees remain in state shelters, Cooper said, and hundreds of thousands are without power. Some of them have been washed out entirely. The congregation rebuilt, This year, water from the Little River water broke the windows, leaving the pews a jumbled mess and soaked Bibles and hymn books on the floor. "We put a lot of heart and soul into putting it back up".

"The neighbors told us our home was fine apart from a few branches down, so that's a relief at least", he added.

"Is everybody OK?" he asked those gathered, assuring them it was "going to be OK".

The Waccamaw is expected to reach perhaps 20 feet next week, almost 10 feet past flood stage and two feet past the record set during Matthew two years ago. Though the hurricane packed 90 miles per hour (145 kph) winds as it came ashore, the amount of water Florence pushed ashore and dropped inland has swamped vast areas still vulnerable to rising rivers.