How to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence


If residents in Allen and surrounding counties would like to lend support the Red Cross, Stemen said there are three principle ways to do so.

The Red Cross Relief Doughnut is a strawberry shortcake donut, made with local strawberries from Hurricane Creek Farms, topped with vanilla icing.

Every tornado, every hurricane, every flood, The Red Cross can help because of private funds donated by people like you.

"I'm hopeful to be able to provide support to the families that are affected by this", said Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Leader Lori Ayers.

The Red Cross of Georgia is gearing up to help those affected by Florence in North Carolina.

American Red Cross volunteers from Texoma are on standby as the Texas Gulf is expected to face a tropical depression. She is in Durham, North Carolina.

"It's a very heart warming thing to see how communities come together when things are at their worst, I think often we find people are at their best", Brown said.

"We've spent the last week prepping for the storm", he said. "If they don't need us for feeding, then they put us into bulk and we distribute products to people that they can use for cleanup and recovery".

"When you get into a natural disaster, it's organized chaos". The Red Cross urges people in unaffected areas to make an appointment to give blood or platelets to care for patients in the Southeast and throughout the country.

Papini said monetary donations to are accepted that will cover costs to transport items. The relief effort includes 80 emergency response vehicles and more than 120 trailers of equipment and supplies.

Another important donation, blood donations! More than 140 blood drives had to be canceled because of the storm.