China summons US ambassador over military sanctions


China summoned the United States ambassador on Saturday after the USA imposed sanctions on a branch of its military, according to Chinese state media.

The Defense Ministry said the us had no right to interfere in Chinese military cooperation with Russian Federation and warned Saturday that the failure to revoke the sanctions would lead to unspecified consequences.

The sanctions are related to China's purchase of 10 SU-35 combat aircraft in 2017 and S-400 surface-to-air missile system-related equipment in 2018, the State Department said.

As part of the Thursday announcement, the US also imposed sanctions on a Chinese military agency over the purchase of Russian weapons.

The Trump administration imposed sanctions on China after Beijing bought aircraft and other military equipment from Russian Federation.

Turkey is in talks to buy S-400 missile systems from Russian Federation.

Russia has deployed S-400s in Syria, according to official Russian news media, and USA officials have been discussing the interest other nations, particularly North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey, have expressed in buying the system.

China's EED was added to the sanctions list alongside 33 Russian defense and intelligence officials and entities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman accused Washington of playing unfairly and using new measures to squeeze Moscow out of the global arms market, after the US slapped sanctions on China for buying Russian warplanes and missiles and threatened to target its other clients.

"These related actions are severe violations of the basic norms of worldwide relations", he stressed, adding that the sanctions severely damage bilateral diplomatic and military ties.

Washington has expressed concern that Turkey's planned deployment of the S-400s could pose a risk to the security of some USA -made weapons and other technology used by Turkey, including the F-35 fighter jet.

The two countries will launch new tariffs on Monday, with Washington targeting Dollars 200 billion in Chinese exports and Beijing hitting USD 60 billion worth of American products.

The sanctions were enacted "to further impose costs on the Russian government in response to its malign activities", she said.

Earlier Friday, a senior White House official had said the US was optimistic about finding a way forward in trade talks with China.

He says the USA will have to "take all the consequences" if it ignores China's demands.

Geng said Beijing had lodged an official protest with the United States. Similar restrictions apply to Li, who will also not be able to get a USA visa.