Vikings tell DE Everson Griffen to get mental health evaluation


Additionally, Klawiter told police that the organization was anxious that Griffen could hurt himself, as well as his wife and children, according to the report.

Hospitalized on Saturday evening, Griffen will be away from the team for the foreseeable future.

Vikings veteran pass rusher Everson Griffen has been banned from the team facility, and is being held at a mental health facility, after exhibiting a string of disturbing behavior.

This is according to a police incident report obtained by ESPN's Courtney Cronin.

When asked if Griffen's absence and the concern of teammates had anything to do with Sunday's blowout at the hands of Buffalo, Zimmer was quick with an answer.

The Minnesota Police Department said Griffen allegedly created a scene nearly every time he entered the hotel.

Griffen also reportedly threatened to "shoot someone" at the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis if he wasn't let into his room.

Elder did not confirm that Griffen was the individual cited in the report.

Griffen, 30, was not arrested and police are not investigating the incident, with a Minneapolis Police spokesman telling the Associated Press that there was no indication that the threats Griffen made were credible, and that he did not have a weapon. "We are friends with the Griffen family and we are here to support them in any way possible during these trying times", he said. Players available for comment Tuesday said they didn't notice anything different about Griffen the past several weeks and pledged their support. Unable to return to Minnesota in time for the birth, Griffen watched via FaceTime from his phone before recording two sacks in that game. He was eventually transported by ambulance to an area hospital for his well-being, despite jumping out of the vehicle at one point during a brief stop for crossing deer. Police told Griffen to get back in the ambulance and he did.

While this is a very scary and concerning situation, we all hope that Griffen gets the proper help he needs, no matter how long it takes.

The Minnetrista Incident Report states there are no criminal charges forthcoming against Griffen since no crime was committed.

Zimmer said Griffen was ruled out of Thursday's game because of a knee injury and wouldn't have been able to play regardless of other issues.

At a news conference Tuesday, Zimmer at first referred to Spielman's statement before saying that "the only thing I'm really concerned for Everson about isn't anything to do with football, it's about him getting better". "He's always been a really, really good model for us and obviously he's going through some tough times now".