Amy Klobuchar Weighs In On Her Confrontation With Brett Kavanaugh


This seems to be one of his primary points while being interviewed to serve a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Twitter is completely eviscerating his enraged ranting because of it. That means Kavanaugh was legal there for only the final four months of his senior year at Georgetown Prep, following his February 12, 1983 birthday.

"Whatever else he was saying, there's no doubt that he was a heavy drinker and he told the exact opposite statement", Brown said "So his lies, I think, are relatively well-proved and I hope the Federal Bureau of Investigation can figure that out". "Senior year in high school, people were legal to drink". "I was truly just trying to get to the bottom of the facts and the evidence", Kavanaugh said. Sometimes others did. I liked beer. "And yes, the seniors were legal".

"Well, I was thinking that if I was in his courtroom and acted like that, he would have thrown me out", Klobuchar said.

Kavanaugh's high school friend, Mark Judge - who was also allegedly in the room when Christine Blasey Ford says she was assaulted - wrote a book about his struggles with alcoholism as a young man, entitled "Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk". The drinking age as I noted, was 18, so the seniors were legal.

With the law change in Maryland, where the students lived and where the offending house party presumably would have occurred, no one in Kavanaugh's class was of legal age unless they were 21.

The White House argued Friday that Kavanaugh's testimony about drinking was not meant to be misleading, but provided "context" about how Maryland high schoolers obtained beer. "And in your written testimony, you said sometimes you had too many drinks". I still like beer.

Earlier in the hearing, Kavanaugh said he enjoyed drinking - the legal drinking age at the time was 18-years-old - but claimed that he never went beyond social norms.

Kavanaugh: No. I remember what happened and I think you've probably had beers, Senator?

Alcoholic consumption by Kavanaugh also would have been illegal during notorious Beach Week, an annual trip to the Eastern Shore that involved heavy drinking, according to numerous eyewitness accounts.