Breast cancer the most widely spread cancer in Palestine


Nishat Linen Private Limited has joined hands with Pink Ribbon Pakistan, a non-governmental organization working on Breast Cancer awareness and healthcare facilities, in their PINKtober 2018 campaign which hinges around raising funds for the ongoing construction of Pakistan's first dedicated breast cancer hospital. "However, due to cost, length of the examination and lack of availability in all areas, it can not be used as a screening tool in place of mammography".

In Tauranga, 120 people were referred to the Breast Cancer Support Service previous year. But, we can't get complacent.

Then, in 2010 doctors found a cancerous tumor in my right breast. Research shows that the risk-reducing benefits quickly disappeared when women stopped exercising regularly which suggests that the longer it has been since you have exercised, the greater your risk for developing breast cancer.

He said recent reports indicate that breast cancer makes up 25 per cent of all new cancers diagnosed in women globally; with about 2.1 million new cases diagnosed annually worldwide.

She said in-line with Kinabalu Pink Ribbon (KPR)'s objective in creating awareness and educating the public pertaining to the importance of early detection of breast cancer, the centre provides counselling as well as treatment for patients. The second year's survey focused specifically on asking younger survivors the financial challenges they faced, so they could be compared with older patients. During a screening mammogram, dense breasts may mask an underlying cancer, making it more hard to detect; however, many cancers are detected on mammograms even if dense breast tissue is present.

Women can consult with their physicians, who can make recommendations based on personal risk factors such as family history.

Physical activity has also been associated with reduced breast cancer risk in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women.

Approximately 10 per cent of women are considered to have extremely dense breasts while about 80 per cent have density in the middle two categories. The risk rises appreciably for women in their 40s, who have an incidence of 1 per 68 or 1.47 percent. "A lot of people choose to go through genetic testing because there is a plan they can take afterward", she said. Breast density is a finding that can only be seen on a mammogram. Here are tips on finding the right clothes and accessories after breast cancer surgery.

Keri Gioia began having an annual mammogram 11 years ago when she turned 40. Due to their age, they can also expect to pay the costs for additional years of treatment and monitoring.