Jimmy Kimmel turns Trump’s nationwide text into a Hollywood blockbuster


When asked by Kimmel to describe the encounter, Daniels said, "I laid there and prayed for death".

Daniels alleges that in the mid-2000s, she and Trump had an affair in his hotel room in Lake Tahoe.

Giving Donald Trump the power to send a text to every person in the U.S.is a awful idea, but as Jimmy Kimmel has shown, it could make for a great movie.

She was presumably referring to Toad, a Nintendo character with a mushroom head. Obviously Kimmel said yes, and Daniels spanked him with her book, Full Disclosure, as he made amusing faces (it feels like a stretch to call them "suggestive"). Not only did he have pages of the book highlighted and tabbed, at one point he displayed a tray of orange toadstool mushrooms so that Daniels could pick which one most resembled Trump's "unusual" genitals. "Gross! What is wrong with you?" she asked.

"I still don't know!" she responded. "In one day, I managed to ruin half of America's childhood - and mushroom farming everywhere".

She told Kimmel about spanking Trump with a rolled up copy of Forbes magazine - and then demonstrated her technique on the late show comedian.

"Which of these... orange mushrooms would most represent the commander-in-chief of the United States military?"

Before making an educated decision, Stormy asked for a small request.

"Can you hold it up so it's coming at me at the correct angle?"

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Daniels' segment in full (if only to watch Paulson react to every outrageous moment), then hit the comments with your reactions!