More Birds Are Getting Drunk This Year, MN Town Advises Residents


Gilbert Police Chief Ty Techar explained that the birds - including robins, cedar waxwings and thrushes - have eaten berries which have fermented earlier than usual because of an early frost. According to CBS affiliate WCCO 4, the cause of this erratic behavior is one that might be familiar to some humans: The birds are drunk.

Residents of Gilbert, Minnesota, have been reporting birds flying into windows and cars and acting generally confused.

Officials in Gilbert, Minnesota have asked residents to be aware of birds flying under the influence. Residents sound concerned, with one responding, "That explains all the birds bouncing off my window lately!" and another claiming that seven birds had run into their auto.

Numerous species who have overindulged on the boozy berries traditionally fly south for winter, leading them to gorge on the fruit in a bid to build up fat for the journey.

Younger birds can not handle the toxins as well as older birds, local police chief Ty Techar said in a statement.

"They just get sloppy and clumsy", Matthew Dodder, a bird expert from California, tells Antonia Noori Farzan of the Washington Post.

Authorities expect they will sober up some time in the near future.

The reason: The birds have apparently found themselves with an unexpected excess of booze.

In their statement, Gilbert police assure residents that there is "no need to contact law enforcement about these birds as they should sober up within a short period of time".

Police in northern Minnesota are asking the public to please stop calling them about the influx of "drunk" birds flying around.