Pence warns China is trying to undermine Trump


He offered no specific evidence at the time, and the Chinese government has sharply rejected the accusations.

He will accuse China of threatening "to deny a business license for a major USA corporation if it refused to speak out against our administration's policies".

"China has no interest in interfering in United States internal politics and elections", she said.

"The worldwide community has already known fully well who wantonly infringes upon others' sovereignty, interferes in others' internal affairs and undermines others' interests", Hua said.

Pence accused China of mobilising "covert actors, front groups and propaganda outlets" to change USA citizens' perception of Chinese policies. He will say an intelligence official told him that what "the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country". China is doing across this country'.

US intelligence agencies assess that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election to boost Trump over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton through hacking and releasing sensitive documents and social media manipulation.

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The administration s offensive on China comes as a cloud hangs over Trump with an investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Russian Federation to swing the 2016 presidential election in the Republican real estate tycoon s favor. As proof, Trump later referenced a paid advertising insert in The Des Moines Register by Chinese government-affiliated entities.

According to a report by Bloomberg News on Thursday, the Chinese military inserted tiny chips in USA computer equipment manufactured in China, part of a vast effort by Beijing to steal U.S. technology secrets.

Pence also highlighted those advertisements in his speech Thursday. China responded with $60bn in tariffs on American products.

China called US accusation of interference in its elections "extremely ridiculous", and defended its foreign policy record in response to a lengthy criticism by US Vice-President Mike Pence.

"China wants to turn these voters against our administration", Pence said.

But Watts said the newspaper ads and tariffs can not be compared to the secret disinformation campaign launched by the Russians in the 2016 election. The movie "Red Dawn" was digitally edited to make the villains North Korean, not Chinese, Pence said.

"And the American people deserve to know it", he added.

"Beijing compelled Delta Airlines to publicly apologize for not calling Taiwan a "province of China" on its website".

Washington has long cited China as a major culprit in the hacking of US government and corporate databases. Founded by former Rand Corporation strategist Herman Kahn, known for his advocacy of a "winnable" nuclear war and reputedly the real-life inspiration for film character Dr. Strangelove, the institute has long advocated an aggressive military posture toward China.

Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore said what the Chinese were accused of doing - trying to influence upcoming United States midterm elections - was something countries like Israel and other American allies have been doing to influence political outcomes in the United States to support their national interests.

"Today, that country is offering hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure loans to governments from Asia to Africa to Europe to even Latin America, yet the terms of those loans are opaque at best and the benefits flow overwhelmingly to Beijing", the text said.

Pence's warning to Beijing comes amid a growing U.S.

"Our priority, our most important task is still to run our own country well", Cui said. "We will not be intimidated and we will not stand down". We have to build strong ties with the rest of the world.

Since Trump took office past year, his administration has escalated pressure on China, most recently with several rounds of tit-for-tat economic trade tariffs on hundreds of billions in goods. And we will work with leaders at every level of society to defend our national interests and most cherished ideals.

China expert Chris Johnson, a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst now at Washington's Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Pence's speech appeared aimed in part at building a narrative that a vote for the Democrats would be vote for China.