Freshly minted Justice Kavanaugh gets to work at US Supreme Court


Kavanaugh moves to the Supreme Court after spending 12 years as a judge on the influential US Court of Appeals in Washington, where he built a conservative judicial record and a reputation for being affable and well-prepared. With Kavanaugh now on the court, this could very well get worse. While Trump apologized on behalf of the nation for "the bad pain and suffering" Kavanaugh and his family had suffered and declared him "proven innocent", the new justice assured Americans that he would be fair and was taking the job with "no bitterness".

Justice Kavanaugh was joined at the ceremony by his wife and two daughters.

United States President Donald Trump said on Monday that he was apologising on behalf of the whole country to his new conservative Supreme Court justice after one of the most contentious confirmation processes in U.S. history.

Speaking at a police convention in Orlando later, the president said the allegations against the justice were "brought about by people that are evil". He claimed he was the first justice to have an all-female staff.

"Trump called the protests "phony stuff" and even gave a special shout out to the FBI's so-called investigation of Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault accusation against Kavanaugh".

Justice Kavanaugh will be closely scrutinised from his first day on the bench.

As he returned to the White House Monday from Florida, Trump anticipated that Kavanaugh's swearing-in would be a "big night". "And I think it's really going to show you something come November 6", when the midterms are held, Trump added.

The event was the third swearing-in ceremony for the nominee after a historically contentious confirmation battle following several allegations against the judge. However, the Republican cautioned that "it remains to be seen whether this lasts for the next three weeks or not".

Samuel Chase in 1804 was the only justice to be impeached by the House. With Kavanaugh's ascent to the nine-member high court, Trump now has filled two vacancies on the court from his list, including Neil Gorsuch past year.

Only one USA supreme court justice has ever been impeached - Samuel Chase, in 1804, who was acquitted by the Senate.

The political theorist Jacob Levy points out that if all this were to happen, then the political aspirations and values of a minority of Americans will dominate or have gone a long way towards shaping the White House, the Supreme Court, and both houses of Congress. Levy posits that one can still fundamentally accept many countermajoritarian aspects of our system while also finding such an across-the-board outcome deeply troubling.

Independent court analysts, however, predict Kavanaugh is likely to concur with more conservative interpretations of the law, given a solid 5-4 ideological edge on the court to those who lean to the right.