Netanyahu to meet with Putin after downing of Russian plane


For Mr Netanyahu, Sunday's announcement was a bit of good news on an otherwise dark day.

According to rules, meals can not be ordered from the prime minister's residence when a cook is employed.

According to the indictment, Mrs Netanyahu actively sought "to circumvent the rules and conditions" surrounding the logistics of the Prime Minister's official residence "in order to fraudulently obtain state funding for various expenses for the accused and her family that were not supposed to be financed in this manner". In 2016, a Jerusalem labour court ruled that she had insulted and raged at household staff in the prime minister's official residence. There's no indication that the allegations against the prime minister or his wife are having an effect on voters, with Netanyahu gaining support in recent polls.

The wife of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Sarah Netanyahu appeared before the court on Sunday, October 7, on charges of abuse.

Netanyahu's lawyers have argued she was oblivious to the regulations and that the meals were ordered by an assistant and served to visiting dignitaries.

Netanyahu himself faces possible charges in separate corruption investigations, leading to speculation that he will eventually be forced to step down. The woman was accused of fraud under aggravating circumstances, violating the public trust and forgery.

Sara Netanyahu has in the past said that her "blood has been spilled publicly".

But the case has again turned the spotlight on the Netanyahu family and past allegations of misbehaviour.

According to the newspaper Haaretz, prosecutors will ask the court to hear the case by a panel of three judges, not one provided by law.

"People who are anti-Netanyahu say we have one more proof".

In case of recognition guilty, the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister can spend in prison till five years, however, this verdict seems unlikely.

Police, meanwhile, interviewed Mr Netanyahu for the twelfth time last week as a suspect in his own corruption cases. The residence's former deputy director was also indicted in the case.