'Star Trek: Discovery' Drops Trailer at NYCC: See the New Spock!


Executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed that finding out where these "Signals" came from, who sent them, and why they sent them is the main story arc throughout Season 2. There's a lot to process here in the new footage-a ton of action, the return of Michelle Yeoh's Philippa Georgiou, Doug Jones being a monster delight as always-but the big news is the first appearance of Ethan Peck (Madam Secretary) as a young Vulcan named Spock.

The second season of Discovery will also feature another familiar figure from the Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike, who will be played by Anson Mount. You know more than I know!

Following premiere night, all new episodes of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY's 13-episode long second season will be available on-demand weekly on Thursdays, exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers in the U.S. To that end, Kurtzman says that the season is about exploring the area between science and faith. And now he's got a beard.

One major thing to look out for in the two-plus minute sneak peek: a first look at Ethan Peck as a bearded Spock.

IDW Publishing has announced the crews of Star Trek: The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Voyager will be pitted against each other for the first time in the franchise's history, in a new miniseries called "Star Trek: The Q Conflict". The actress explained that now she gets to play the good, late Captain Georgiou, but also the Mirror Universe version of the character who is... not quite as good, and not quite as late. She also spoke about how Discovery highlights diversity.

Two reasons really, one the episode is brand new and some viewing areas may not have shown it yet so I'm not going to spoil it, and two because ultimately Runaway is a beautifully written, shot and acted character piece on Tilly.

Are you excited for season two of Discovery?

Viewers will see L'Rell in charge and her arc will have her embracing her femininity - her character will grow her hair now that the war with Starfleet is over, as Klingons shave their heads during wartime in this iteration of Star Trek.

Mount added that "the writers did a very good job of creating a new Captain Pike", while exploring what we already know about him.