Antonio Brown Sued, Accused Of Nearly Hitting Toddler With Furniture


The next day, cops were called back to the apartment complex after getting calls about Brown throwing furniture - including vases - off his balcony.

Brown filed the initial report on April 23, and police reviewed surveillance footage that showed a cleaning crew entering the apartment on April 13.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown told cops in April that someone stole $80,000 and a handgun from his upscale south Florida apartment, according to police reports.

It appears that he is involved in yet another situation, as Brown is being sued for almost hitting a 2-year-old child with items he threw off a balcony at The Mansion at Acqualina located in Miami, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.

Sternberg's suit alleges that security personnel determined that Brown, in a fit of rage, threw two large vases, estimated to be more than 3 feet tall, a large ottoman and other pieces of furniture off the balcony over the course of several minutes, some of the items landing poolside within a foot or two of the man and his grandson. The victim in one of the lawsuits claims a 22-month-old child was almost hit by an item thrown from the balcony.

The security director did not wish to take police action against Brown and stated they would be starting eviction proceedings for him to leave the premises. The following day, police again returned to the complex after Brown said someone had stolen his black Rolls-Royce. Sternberg is suing for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress, claiming Brown acted "without regard for human life" during the alleged incident. Then, he closed the door and police left. Cops found the women who said they had been hired and authorized by someone claiming to be Brown's representative.

There's been no comment from Brown.