In North Korea, Yao Ming becomes China’s answer to Dennis Rodman


Trump was responding to a reporter's question about reports from Seoul that South Korea is considering lifting some sanctions against North Korea.

South Korean foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha suggested during a parliamentary audit on Wednesday that Seoul was considering easing its own sanctions against the North to encourage its denuclearisation.

The president doubled-down on the comment Wednesday by saying the maximum pressure campaign will continue until North Korea fully denuclearizes.

The Koreas' decision to locate their liaison office in Kaesong, and also the large number of CEOs accompanying South Korean President Moon Jae-in's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang last month, indicate that Seoul is preparing to restart inter-Korean economic projects if nuclear diplomacy begins yielding results.

A controversy has erupted in South Korea over U.S. President Donald Trump's choice of words in a comment regarding South Korea's sanctions on North Korea. "They do nothing without our approval", he said at the White House on Wednesday (local time), according to a transcript. "They won't do it without our approval".

The so-called "May 24 measures" of 2010 also banned North Korea from using shipping lanes in South Korean territory.

"Sanctions are the very leverage we have to denuclearise the North", the editorial said. There has been occasional bloodshed ever since - the 2010 attack on the warship was followed months later by North Korea's shelling of a South Korean border island that killed four and gutted homes. -North Korea summit being arranged by Washington and Pyongyang.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump told reporters that plans were being made for his second summit with Kim and that he thought "incredible" progress had been made in USA talks with the long-isolated North Asian country.

North Korea, which Church officials estimated had a Catholic community of about 55,000 just before the 1950-53 Korean War, does not allow priests to be permanently stationed in the country.

Despite the current mood of detente and negotiation between the Koreas, the removal of sanctions would be a hard decision for Seoul's government.

"He seems to have repeated his basic position on sanctions on North Korea", rather than specifically on the May 24 Measures, he said.

"We can see that sport is being used as an extension of politics - it is an important political tool that is being used here by North Korea and Beijing", said James Floyd Downes, a lecturer in comparative politics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He said the resumption of the water supply does not violate sanctions. North and South Korea sent a united team of athletes to compete in some sports at the Asian Games in August, after staging basketball matches in July between Team Peace and Team Prosperity, each mixing both countries' players. "This will allow them to save time and fuel".

But it is expected to create momentum for the resumption of long-stalled inter-Korean economic projects such as Kumkangsan tours and the shuttered Kaesong industrial park, as the Moon administration eyes broader economic cooperation in return for the North's denuclearization.