Kanye West at the White House hugs, talks with Trump


"I have a lot of African-American support and a lot has developed over the last little while with Kanye coming out and Jim Brown's been there for a long time", Trump said.

"There was something about putting this hat on that made me feel like Superman", West said, as part of a lengthy monologue that touched on topics such as his mental health to employment, prison reform, and more.

West told reporters: "Let's stop worrying about the future, all we have is today". But, he said, "This hat, it gives me power in a way".

West credited Mr Trump with stopping a potential war with North Korea and encouraged him to swap his usual Air Force One jet for a hydrogen-powered plane.

Talking loudly and rapidly on everything from Trump's protectionist trade polices to replacing Air Force One with a hydrogen plane, black gun crime, being married to Kim Kardashian and "infinite amounts of universe", Kanye left the normally loquacious president almost speechless.

Or, somewhere on the edge of pop psychology and offense-giving state that he has "daddy issues" after he said that Trump represented a "father figure to him".

Accusing political opponents of being mentally ill used to be frowned upon in democracies, yet that was the prime tactic media and Twitter voices deployed against Kanye West, who was also labeled an "incel" and "boot licker".

Taking questions from reporters, the rapper also voiced concern about stop-and-frisk policing.

'I love Hillary. I love everyone, right? "I think it would be cool to have Trump factories", he suggested.

"There were people who said Trump would never win", West said in the interview. "That's from the heart". "What I need Saturday Night Live to improve on, what I need the liberals to improve on: if he don't look good, we don't look good", Kanye said, gesturing at Trump.

But Yeezy isn't the only member of the West family to get the chance of a meeting with Trump in the White House. I have conversations that basically said that welfare is the reason why a lot of black people end up being Democrat.

I watched the whole thing because, again, how could you not?

"We feel that stop-and-frisk does not help the relationships in the city", Mr. West told the president. West said, before giving him a huge hug.

"Kanye West gets it", Trump said.

"Instead of typing in a bad passcode you have to remember, or a good passcode you're going to forget, you just look at the device, and it will, probably, only unlock for you". You are tasting a fine wine. [Scrolls through iPhone to show Trump.] This right here is the iPlane 1.

West is married to reality television star Kim Kardashian West, who successfully pushed Trump to grant a pardon to a drug offender earlier this year.