Over A Dozen Misconduct Complaints Against Kavanaugh Reach Chief Justice Roberts


McConnell said he's hoping to persuade more Republican women to join the committee but hasn't had much success in the past because "they just haven't been interested". This is Secretary Clinton.

Roberts' letter was sent to Judge Timothy Tymkovich, the 10th Circuit's chief judge.

"People think of us as a blue state even though we are a deeply divided state", said Cornell Clayton, director of the Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy at Washington State University.

"You can not be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about", Clinton said during a CNN interview. Republicans put a spotlight on it and used it as a way to say that Democrats were soft on crime, that they were encouraging chaos.

McConnell said that while anyone can throw their name into the ring to challenge Trump in a 2020 presidential primary, he believes it would be a "waste of time" for any Republican to try.

"Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was chased out of a restaurant by protestors over his support of Kavanaugh. Sen. Collins is specifically citing Swetnick's "gang rape" accusation as something that made her think she needed to give Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt".

McConnell noted that these activities followed last year's shooting of GOP lawmakers at a morning baseball practice by "a politically crazed gunman". Chuck Grassley does not expect the bitter fight over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation to detract from the collegial workings of the Senate Judiciary Committee he chairs.

Karen LeCraft Henderson, the judge responsible for sending the complaints up the ladder, claims that she had dismissed the more frivolous objections against Kavanaugh before taking action to pass the rest onto Roberts.

Both parties have detected a surge in engagement among GOP and conservative voters since the nation's attention was grabbed by the confirmation battle over Kavanaugh, including allegations of sexual misconduct that he denied.

At a White House ceremony on Monday night, Kavanaugh said he was starting his new job with "no bitterness", seeking to be "a force for stability and unity".

"But the president's been true to form", the former NY senator insisted. Courtesy of the White House.

Unflinchingly, Clinton proceeded to bring her husband, former President Bill Clinton, into the conversation while still speaking about the mistreatment of women.

The Senate narrowly confirmed Kavanaugh to the court last Saturday, after a brutal confirmation fight that was extended after three women came forward detailing sexual misconduct allegations against him that ultimately led to a supplemental FBI investigation.

Pointing out that Kavanaugh's confirmation was approved by the smallest margin of any Supreme Court Justice since 1881, Kimmel referenced the widespread protests that ensued. Their only intent was to dirty up Justice Kavanaugh - just as they did Justice Clarence Thomas - and, most important, to fire up their hard-core base before the November midterm congressional elections.

"That's ridiculous", Heitkamp told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Anderson Cooper 360, according to CNN".

"It's not going to be from our caucus, I can tell you that", he said. It would have taken only one Democratic senator to say "no" to letting the nominees through this week, but none did. Kavanaugh denied all allegation and after the FBI investigated the claims, investigators found no corroborating evidence.

The most recent nomination and appointment of Brett Kavanaugh is an example of this, and with the sexual assault allegations against the new Supreme Court justice, polarization between the two parties has split down the aisle and American culture.

He added that he's "proud she is in the Republican conference".