Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Missoula


A walkathon was held in Chennai on Saturday.

So, in light of Breast Cancer Awareness this October, we're here to remind you that checking your breast health is important.

Each year, over 50,000 women attend one of Wacoal's almost 1,400 one-day Fit for the Cure events where they are treated to a personal bra fitting and intimate wardrobe recommendation while also receiving breast health guidelines every woman should know. Fellows will spend one year developing a strong knowledge of all aspects of breast disease, breast medical oncology, and breast surgery.

Hudson Regional Hospital uses the latest x-ray and 3D digital imaging technology to test women for breast cancer.

Condominium Rentals Hawai'i will "Go Pink" during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In some cases, blood has to be drawn.The Breast Center at Floyd also promises "Know in 24", which pro-vides results of mammograms within 24 hours.

Please join the Lady Hornets and the Forestville Sports Boosters in their fight against breast cancer in the high school gym at 4 Academy Street in Forestville. Breast MRI, 3D mammography and genetic testing are examples of newer technologies available at The Breast Center at Floyd."Breast cancer screening is an ever-evolving process", said Aimee Griffin, Director of The Breast Center at Floyd. They are things that founder Molly Zaver wishes she had when undergoing treatment in 2011.

The charity also found that 40% of trusts were unable to state how many breast cancer patients are now under their care.

"I get to be a voice and be here for the people that can't", Johnson said.

Kabarungi says that the advantage of regular checkups is that one can easily notice the changes which can help in early detection.

It might be a good idea to cut back on one's drinking; consuming more than three alcoholic beverages a day increases one's risk, according to some studies, Link said. "There are other people who are suffering but just don't know where to get help, where to get started".

The money raised at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk helps fund cancer research and programs, and helps people in the borough with cancer diagnosis, such as those who have lost their hair during treatment and need wigs that are provided at the organization's local headquarters at 2426 Eastchester Road, she said.

But she says there's better equipment and staff are well trained to make it more comfortable.

In the United States, roughly 1 in 8 women has the likelihood of developing invasive breast cancer during her life.

She felt a lump during a self-examination in December 2012, and went to a breast cancer clinic to get it checked out.