Trump, Upset About '60 Minutes' Questions: 'I'm President And You're Not'


Mr Trump said in an interview airing Sunday that Mr Mattis "could be" leaving, referring to him as "sort of a Democrat".

The president denied that Mattis had been required to explain to him that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and other alliances existed to "prevent World War III", a claim made in veteran journalist Bob Woodward's recently published book about the Trump White House. "He hasn't told me that", Trump said when asked by CBS's Lesley Stahl about rumors of Mattis's possible firing or resignation.

"Frankly, I like General Mattis", Trump said.

"Give me an example", she asked. "And I know more about it from the standpoint of fairness, that I can tell you".

"So when I won the presidency - the press treats me terribly - I thought very strongly that, you know, the one great thing will happen is the press will start treating me great". I have a good energy with him.

In a comment for BBC last month, UK Security Minister Ben Wallace has suggested that Putin is "ultimately" to blame for the Salisbury poisoning.

"I think something's happening", Trump said.

"I have some people that I'm not thrilled with", Trump said. "I had lunch with him two days ago", he said.

When asked about climate change, Trump backed off his claim that it is a hoax but said he doesn't know if it's man-made.

Asked about the reports speculating about his departure, Mattis said on September 18: "It's like most of those kinds of things in this town". I mean - I'm not a baby.

In its report, the Times noted that Mattis' departure could be cause for concern, citing officials who believe the defense secretary is "the Cabinet official standing between a mercurial president and global tumult".

Stahl sought to stop the attack, saying, "I'm going to change the subject again". When Stahl followed up with tales of rising sea levels and melting polar caps, Trump argued, "You don't know whether or not that would have happened with or without man". And I say, 'Will you please loosen up?' I've learned on the job. "Leslie, it's okay. In the meantime, I'm president and you're not". "I love it here".

Trump: "When I say I did it, let's make a big deal about it".

Trump's speech was factually inaccurate, Dr. Ford did have a lot of information, described the house in such great detail that reporters were able to locate the house the assault likely occurred in and which friend of Kavanaugh's lived there at the time.