British TV presenter Piers Morgan slammed for mocking Bond's baby carrier


Morgan got plenty of negative feedback about his tweet, including a slew of dads proudly displaying their swaddled children on their chests. Actor Chris Evans, best known for portraying a paragon of non-toxic masculinity, Captain America, was particularly irritated by the tweet.

Just when you thought it safe to dip a toe back in the celebrity Twitter-sphere, Piers Morgan has jammed his foot in his mouth with a rant about modern dads.

Hill exclaimed: "This pie is for all those men that wear papooses".

In a picture of him with his baby snuggled in a white carrier, he said, "Single Father, reporting for duty". "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside", Evans responded on Twitter.

Morgan scoffed in response, "Captain America wouldn't wear a papoose".

Also, we're definitely going to start calling baby carrier's a 'papoose.' It's so much fun to say.

"There is nothing more masculine than a Father taking an active role in nurturing and looking after his child", another user wrote.

Craig, 50, is a new parent along with wife Rachel Weisz, having welcomed their baby girl in September. "And let's be real - what woman on the planet would want to have a baby with a guy who is so insecure that he believes babywearing is for sissies?"

Morgan, who has four children ranging in age from 6 to 25, claims to have never employed assistive carrying contraptions of any sort, saying in a "Good Morning Britain" segment last week that his "protective paternal arms" were sufficient. Then came the unsolicited commentary from Morgan, who said wearing a baby carrier is emasculating.