Trump Says It Won’t Be His Fault if Republicans Lose Midterms


"We're raising visibility and letting people know they're not alone with the monsters", Bracciale said.

"As we go through life, we're going to have the good times and we're going to have the not so good times", Waters said. Setting off his comments from that portion of the evening further underscored Roberts' intent: to assure the audience, and the American people, that the court can set aside the fierce partisan fight over the court's composition with five conservative justices and four liberal justices. Kavanaugh denied the allegations, none which could be corroborated by those named as witnesses, leading many feminist activists and critics of his judicial philosophy to ramp up protests.

Justice Kavanaugh was sworn into the Supreme Court earlier this month. The Court's soul goal is to be independent and unpartisan.

Organizer Dakota Bracciale told USA Today that the event is meant to make Kavanaugh suffer.

He tries not to read commentary about the court's work, unless it's something "thoughtful" from the legal community. He said, "I don't believe anybody has ever had this kind of impact". Those decisions were made because of the Court's impartiality.

Asked whether the presence of three women on the bench has brought him a different perspective, Roberts said he wasn't sure: "I don't see any differences in their legal analysis or anything like that".

It's a sort of heads-I-win, tails-you-lose proposition Trump is offering his party. The point was that a party to the case in question lacked legal standing - it had no stake in the case.

"No, I'm looking at the actual published lyrics", Roberts recalled explaining to the New York Times.

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