Migrant caravan: 4,000 trekking towards USA border


Pompeo met with Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, who vowed to meet the "challenge" of the caravan.

"Later on, UNHCR could help the Mexican government to find places to settle (migrants) inside or outside Mexico for those granted refugee status, but that hasn't been defined with UNHCR yet", Videgaray told Reuters.

On Thursday, Trump threatened to send the military to close the southern USA border unless Mexico stops what he calls an "onslaught" of Central American migrants.

U.S. President Donald Trump appeared to threaten the newly minted Canada-U.S. - Mexico trade deal over a caravan of Honduran migrants trying to reach his country.

The group of Central American migrants has made its intentions clear: they are heading to the US.

The caravan arrived at the border in southern Mexico on Thursday but turned around Friday, the Associated Press reported.

Even by those standards his Thursday morning tweet storm - coming less than three weeks from midterm legislative elections where the Democrats may take the lower house from Trump's Republicans - was especially fierce. Some of the migrants traveling in a mass caravan towards the U.S. -Mexico border organized a rope brigade to ford its muddy waters.

Trump, who ran in 2016 promising to tighten United States immigration laws end the inflow of people entering the country illegally, has called for cutting off foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador if they do not stop the migrants. Trump threatened on Thursday to seal the US border in order to discourage the caravan, claiming without evidence that "many criminals" were among the group.

And, much like Guatemala and Honduras, Mexico is itself a country of many migrants, raising the question of whether the political will exists for a confrontation. He has long pushed economic development as a way to keep people from migrating, and on Wednesday he reached out again.

Chanting "Yes we can!" and "Mexico!"

"Anyone who wants to work in our country ... will have a work visa", he said.

Trump has made security on the southern border one of the signature issues of his two-year presidency, calling for a "wall" and frequently railing against what he describes as a flood of rapists, gangs and "bad hombres". Vox declared that "Trump's "caravan" tantrum could put migrants in danger".

Thousands of migrants are waiting to cross, and CNN showed striking images of people climbing over fences and tear gas being released. Believing their chances of entering the USA are greater in numbers, the migrants have been hitching rides and hiking through Guatemala, with the aim of approaching the U.S. through Mexico.

A Border Patrol official who was not authorized to speak publicly tells CBS News that agents at the border "are swamped", with more and more large groups crossing together.

"The electoral process is very near, so he is making a political calculation", Ebrard said in an interview with Radio Centro.

Now, Scalise says that Trump was "clearly ribbing" Gianforte for the incident, claiming that "not one [Trump supporter] harassed the numerous media reporters who were present".

Though it began with just a couple hundred Hondurans headed for the United States, the support flowing in from leftist organizers and funders has grown this new caravan of hopeful immigrants into the thousands.

"We are going to the United States!" he said.

Corzo said police accused Mujica of slashing the tires of an immigration vehicle.