Trump will be in full campaign mode in final week before midterms


Two sets of stories, one from Politico and one from the Virginia-Pilot, now report that Democrats, who were feeling very uneasy at the beginning of last week, are starting to come around a little bit as polls continue to offer mixed results, but plenty of evidence that Dems are on track to control the House.

If they won the House and Senate it would put them in a position to oppose the president's legislative agenda.

A total of $20 million has been spent on Minnesota's two U.S. Senate races, while at least $17 million has been dropped on the governor's race. In the outgoing House, Republicans have 235 seats and the Democrats have 193 seats.

Doug Rivers, chief scientist at YouGov global polling, said: "The chances of the Democrats winning all of those seem to me pretty slim".

"There's a rather good opportunity in Tennessee, Nevada and Arizona and then the long shot, which would be catastrophe for the Republicans, would be Texas".

"Everything suggests that we are a country that's on edge, and I think that's going to translate into participation", said Jefrey Pollock, a Democratic pollster.

Republicans are focusing their efforts on conservative districts Trump won by double-digit margins in 2016, particularly in rural areas.

The FiveThirtyEight House poll that analyzes all the major 2018 election polls to provide a statistical probability of the Democrats flipping 23 Republican seats to gain control of the House, now predicts a 86.4 percent chance the Democrats will win a majority, with an estimated net gain of 40 Congressional seats.

The political party numbers are broken down to: 1.29 million Republican voters and 1.23 million Democratic voters.

Trump is trying to energize his most loyal supporters as polls show Democrats in position to take control of the House.

There is also a danger the president could face impeachment proceedings if Democrats take a majority in Congress. Republicans have that same probability in keeping the Senate.

Harris and Newsom will later rally in Costa Mesa for Democrat candidate and former Republican Harley Rouda, running in the 48thcongressional district to knock off 11-term Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Some of these seats are in key swing states such as Florida and Pennsylvania.