Barbra Streisand "Sings" Cardi B on Carpool Karaoke


The 12-minute Carpool Karaoke was a joyful one, filled with plenty of laughs of A-list moments.

Streisand was nominated for a Tony in 1962 for I Can Get It For Your Wholesale and then again in 1964 for Funny Girl.

Corden is usually the one behind the wheel, but as the episode began Streisand was picking him up, since his vehicle had a boot on its wheel. But she failed a written test three times before she was able to take the wheel.

The British comedian had some amusing moments with the 76-year-old singing legend as she admitted that she's not the best driver.

As a counterpoint to this gloom, she combines John Lennon's wistful "Imagine" with the Louis Armstrong classic "What a Wonderful World" and also covers "What the World Needs Now" in a paean to the redemptive power of love.

"I don't want to disappoint people", she told Corden, explaining that before every show, she now says "Let go and let God".

Streisand has battled stage fright most of her career, which once led to her taking a 27-year hiatus from touring.

"People still mispronounce my name, they say Stry-zand, Strisand in England", she complained.

"Didn't you call Tim Cook to get him to change how Siri says your name on an iPhone?" he asked her, to which she quickly snapped, "That's different".

That's not the only tech genius Streisand has reached out to. The thing that stands out the most is how much she enjoyed herself. "I get scared", she admitted. Her new album, Walls, was inspired by her anger over the current administration, and the single, "Don't Lie to Me" is aimed directly at Trump. She received a Special Tony Award in 1970.