Prince Charles, Camilla in Ghana on African trip


"You realise, I've literally done this because I am programmed to do it because my father did it and actually we should all be doing it". Your coming here shows that you attach a great deal of importance to your relations with Ghana. But we are in the happier period now.

The plane carrying the Royal couple touched down at exactly 2pm. yesterday at the Jubilee Lounge of the Kotoka International Airport with a large entourage. Mike Ocquaye and other top Ghanaian government officials.

The royal pair will fly to Ghana on Friday and to Nigeria on November 6.

On his first visit to the Gambia, Prince Charles will on Thursday visit the Medical Research Council in Banjul, a center specializing in the fight against malaria.

They plan on "meeting as many people as possible during our forthcoming visit, bearing in mind the very special memories I have from 40 years ago to re-experiencing the irresistible attractions of highlife and afro-beat", he said in a pre-recorded video released ahead of the visit.

"We know the relations between our two countries go back centuries". "Some of them were happy, some of them not so happy".

Harry then praised his father for doing "an awesome job" and guiding them "without telling us what we should be doing".

Then in 1977, the Queen's first born, Prince Charles, visited the country for the first time.

He was presented a pair of clickers on day one of his visit to Ghana and chose to go all out.

Later Charles and Camilla will attend a state dinner held in their honour. The waterfront was conceived by David Adjaye, the principal architect who crafted the design for Ghana's future national cathedral.

Camilla has been dressing for the hot weather since she and Charles arrived in Africa.

Prince Charles will also attend a meeting with Ghanaian and worldwide business leaders to discuss sustainable practice in Ghana's cocoa industry and key environmental issues.

Camilla is set to attend The Women of the World festival, for which she is President.

Prince Charles and Camilla head next to Nigeria, another former colony with a huge diaspora community in the United Kingdom.