United States midterms: The themes that motivate voters


Naturally, this is especially true in the overtly political stories as well.

As Democrats gear up to potentially regain control of the House of Representatives, it has stirred speculation about whether the party will move to impeach President Donald Trump.

Should Democrats manage to retake the House, he and his White House allies will simply focus on Republicans' hold on the Senate, Politico reported Friday.

In several diverse Sun Belt states where Republicans had shown resilience, such as Texas, Florida and Arizona, their candidates have seen their numbers dip in polling as Mr. Trump has given up the unifying role that American presidents have traditionally tried to play.

But few Democrats want to actively talk about impeaching Trump, whether it's on Capitol Hill or on the campaign trail.

The Republican does not hold the suspense on his candidacy for this vote, joking about his next slogan (translatable by "Maintain the Greatness of America"), and ensuring that his debates against the future Democratic candidate will be "very easy ". "I go against my party all the time", he said recently.

But a win is not necessarily in the bag, he cautioned.

"A Republican Congress means more jobs and less crime", he said. Dean Heller is trying to fend off Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen and Republican Adam Laxalt is battling Democrat Steve Sisolak for governor.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is seeking a fourth term in the race against Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

The Senate is expected to remain firmly in the hands of Republicans, with the oft-cited Website FiveThirtyEight predicting a 1-in-7 chance that Democrats will win the Senate. Like other prominent pollsters, these analyses suggest the Senate is most likely to stay in Republican control. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind. Congress has yet to fully fund the $25 billion-dollar project, and a Democratic-controlled House could try to block Trump's spending priorities on immigration. In both cases, the gains weren't particularly large.

On Tuesday, November 6, voting booths officially open across the US for midterm elections.

Ari Fleischer, George W. Bush's press secretary, said Democratic control of the House "has both peril and promise for the president".

The Trump mocked political prognostications of a "blue wave" in 2018. CNN last week cited unnamed sources inside the Democratic party as saying that the party is quietly gearing up to implement some investigations against Trump, and the issue has grabbed numerous headlines over the past couple of weeks.

The video tweeted by Trump did not immediately appear to be running on television - it has a runtime longer than most TV ads - although it received extensive coverage on cable news networks. They said you shouldn't be doing that, that's not nice. Trump says his administration has "over-performed" on his campaign promises to the American people.

The campaigning comes one week after a gunman, who allegedly hated immigrants and Jews, killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and after a fanatical Trump supporter was arrested in Florida on charges of mailing homemade bombs to more than a dozen Trump opponents, including Obama.

Key open congressional seats left open by departing incumbent Democrats in a pair of swing districts in southern Nevada also are up for grabs.

The past week has seen Trump make a number of stops in several USA states including Missouri. "Keep it going, Vote Republican!"

The president said the video is tough "but correct". Trump said Braun will support military, law enforcement, and police.