Tiger shot dead after 'killing 13 people' in India


The Maharashtra Forest Department on Friday killed the "man-eating tigress" in Yavatmal district during a hunt operation.

In September, the Supreme Court said that Avni could be shot on sight, prompting a flurry of online petitions.

The minister said that Avni's killing had forced 'two cubs at the edge of a sad death in the absence of their mother'. "The tigress died on the spot", the release said.

Services of controversial private marksman Shafat Ali Khan was also hired by the forest department.

Maneka also accused Maharashtra forests minister Sudhir Mungantiwar of overlooking "several requests from many stakeholders" and giving the order to kill Avni.

Replying to a query by the bench of justices Bhushan Dharmadhikari and S M Modak, he said no deaths have been reported in the last two months because of these measures.

Talking to PTI, Mungantiwar said Gandhi's criticism "stems from her lack of information" on the issue and asserted neither he, as a minister, nor any of the secretaries in his department have the right to order such killings. According to reports, Maharashtra forest officials used a bottle of Calvin Klein Obsession cologne scent near camera traps to lure the dreaded animal, the tigress reportedly killed 14 people, to a place where they can surround her and finally they succeeded in their attempt.

The PCCF order had stated that tigress' cubs should be tranquillised first, as opposed to the CCF order which said the big cat should be tranquillised first.

"A distinction has to be made between a tigress killing a human and a habitual man-eater", he said.

Last night, from 6.45 pm onwards, the tigress was sighted by many villagers.

Alerted to a sighting, members of the hunting team parked their vehicle on a road the tigress had been spotted on. "So as a reflex action of self-defence, Mr. Asghar fired from a distance of about 8-10 metres".

Mungantiwar's statement comes a day after the Union Women and Child Development minister lashed out at the Maharashtra government over the "ghastly murder" of the tigress, T1, as she was known officially, calling it a "straight case of crime".

Shafat Ali Khan has killed 3 tigers, at least 10 leopards, a few elephants and 300 wild boar in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

The minister promised to take up Avni's "murder" with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadvnavis and said that she will pursue the matter legally, criminally as well as politically.

She questioned Maharastra government's decision to take services of Khan and his son.